Monday, May 2, 2011

Naturally Sweetened Bread Maker Strawberry Freezer Jam

Anna J.

For anyone who's interested in trying this, my in-laws and I sweeten jam with frozen fruit juice concentrate, the 100% juice kind. We also use highly diluted 100% white grape juice when bottling fruit. White grape juice has a mild flavor and works well in most recipes as a substitute for sugar. Sometimes it's fun to liven things up, though. Blueberry pomegranate, apple raspberry, cranberry blends (be sure they're 100% juice), or even Concord grape juice concentrates can be fun to experiment with in jam recipes.

One day I noticed my bread maker had a "Jam" setting. Concept! Here's a simple recipe we came up with:

2 cups crushed strawberries
1 can apple raspberry 100% juice concentrate
1 Tbsp. lemon or pineapple juice
3+ Tbsp. low/no sugar pectin

Select "Jam" setting on bread maker. When cycle is finished, pour into labeled, freezer-safe containers. Refrigerate to set up.

Okay... for a delicious treat, spread cream cheese on a graham cracker and top with this jam. (Kinda defeats the whole "no sugar" thing, but it is tasty.)

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